What We Do

The Evolve Company is a collective of highly experienced individuals from the worlds of Coaching, Training & Psychology, who are passionate about helping human beings to thrive. We’re a close-knit team who share the same values and strive to create personal evolutionary experiences that change people’s lives.

At Evolve we’re all about helping people to pinpoint what makes them tick and build lives and careers aligned with this. We call this their ‘North’, and here’s ours:

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The Evolve Values


We believe in authenticity


We are human centric


We do things differently


As a collective, we change lives

Evolve - your Human Potential Partner

Leadership Programmes

Our forward-thinking leadership programmes - Human Centred Leadership and thrivE - will revolutionise the way you unite and inspire your people.

Training Experiences

Unique and unforgettable training experiences designed to harness individual and team potential. Delivered at one of our training venues or inhouse at your Organisation.

Career Coaching

Evolve will work with you to build a human centred culture that empowers your people to feel great and thrive within their careers.

Donna Hubbard - The Evolve Company Founder & Director

Hi I'm Donna, Founder of The Evolve Company

'Truth is, none of us know what we’re truly capable of until we do something that gives us a glimpse of everything we have it within us to be. As we say at Evolve, anything is possible.’