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How to Prevent Mind Blanks when
Speaking in Public

By Team Evolve / April 30, 2019

A fear of speaking in public is very common and very real. Even people in the public eye aren’t immune, with Prince Harry one of many public figures who has expressed experiencing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings before taking the floor.  One of the major concerns our clients tell us they have is the thought of going…

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How to Develop your Engineering Career

By Team Evolve / March 14, 2019

“Authentic Impact (AIm) was invaluable in helping me to prepare for my review and control my anxiety. I was thrilled to have passed my Chartership which I believe wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t attended the AIM course.” R.H., Chartered Engineer Over the years, The Evolve Team have had the pleasure of working with many engineers. We work with newly qualified…

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Achieving Your True Potential Starts with Mastering Your Mind

By Team Evolve / March 12, 2019

As humans, we put a lot of effort and time into building our ideal careers and lives. But how much time do we invest in the most valuable asset we have? The one thing where our true potential is first imagined and then manifested – our minds.   We have between 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts…

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How to start enjoying public speaking & transform your career.

By Team Evolve / February 13, 2019

Do you lack confidence with speaking out at work? Do you feel this could be holding you back from your next promotion or winning pitches with clients? Public speaking is the 2nd largest fear in the UK and has even been given its own title of Glossophobia. Speaking and presenting in the work place is a…

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Introducing The Evolve Company

By Team Evolve / December 17, 2018

Helping our clients to grow into the best version of themselves through tailored coaching and training experiences. As humans, we are constantly evolving and our needs are developing to satiate our wants, expectations and desires as we develop in our personal lives and careers creating a competitive drive within us to achieve a fulfilled career/life.…

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