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“Authentic Impact (AIm) was invaluable in helping me to prepare for my review and control my anxiety. I was thrilled to have passed my Chartership which I believe wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t attended the AIM course.”

R.H., Chartered Engineer

Over the years, The Evolve Team have had the pleasure of working with many engineers. We work with newly qualified individuals and experienced professionals looking to take their skills, knowledge and experience to the next step in their field.  We also work with management teams within civil engineering and aerospace and pride ourselves on our understanding of the engineering industry and the relationships we have developed in this field over time. 

We understand the complex and valuable role engineers play in the world. We make it our business to understand the different branches of engineering (whether it be chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical or interdisciplinary) and what these strands of expertise require from individuals on a mental level. 

We also understand that engineering is driven by scientific approaches, complex theories and evidence-based methods that require high levels of concentration, focus, problem solving, individual working and group project collaboration to fulfil client and company briefs. We help individuals and companies alike to build on their personal resources to develop mind-sets, resilience, confidence and capabilities to flourish in this unique and often mentally challenging environment.   

Channel Your Engineering Talents with AIm

Evolve’s pioneering speaking course – Authentic Impact – has helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of speaking in public, discover their authentic talents as a communicator and thrive. 

Now, drawing on input from industry professionals and training bodies within the engineering field, we have launched a unique version designed specifically for engineers working towards their professional review. This one of a kind training experience will help you to not only confidently approach your review but take your entire career, higher.

Course content has been tailored to help you make your mark throughout the professional review process. We’ll explore the science behind managing the ‘pre-review nerves’, and provide advice and guidance on how to perform to the best of your ability during an interview, allowing you to demonstrate your unique expertise, skills and experience.

Course content includes: 

  • Building a confident ‘can do’ mindset in the build up to your review. 
  • Communicating your ideas with impact, from the moment your report lands through to the day itself.
  • Techniques inspired by neuroscience to help you to stay calm and focused when it matters most. 
  • Thinking on your feet and responding to interview questions with confidence.

“A refreshingly different approach to coaching and training.” 

Tim Lawton, Assistant Director (Highways, Traffic and Engineering), Hampshire County Council

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Authentic Impact for Engineers
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Course dates: 4 September 2019 | 3 March 2020 

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