How to start enjoying public speaking & transform your career.

Do you lack confidence with speaking out at work? Do you feel this could be holding you back from your next promotion or winning pitches with clients?

Public speaking is the 2nd largest fear in the UK and has even been given its own title of Glossophobia.

Speaking and presenting in the work place is a key career skill that many of us dread or overlook. But with effective coaching and training, you can harness the power of effective speaking to win over your colleagues, clients and push your career to the next level with clarity and confidence.

As human beings we were born with natural speaking talents, communicating a message and creating a connection with others – something we subliminally do every single day. Speaking is a great way to influence and engage with our peers and clients. Having confidence and being articulate in our pitch or delivery is key to how an audience responds to a pitch or presentation.

Effortless speaking comes from being passionate about your subject 

If you’ve been given a topic to deliver and the material doesn’t excite you at first glance, keep looking until you find meaning in what you’re speaking about. If you look hard enough you’ll find it. Meaning is fundamental to speaking, if your content excites you it will excite your audience.

Recall your unique expertise

The stress of a speaking situation can leave us doubting our expertise – ‘why me’, ‘why should they listen to me?’ There is a reason you are there, in the weeks leading up to your speaking opportunity, spend time recalling who you are professionally, all of the feedback you’ve received, how you’ve made a difference through your know how every day. Remind yourself of the value you bring and this will give you the conviction to take the floor and share.

Here at the Evolve Company, we make it our business to ensure that all of our clients harness the inner-confidence, resources and skills to excel in public speaking. This helps them to excel in adding value and articulating points of value in every aspect of their life from their professional lives through to their personal lives.

Find your voicePublic Speaking - The Evolve Company

We have created a bespoke training course called Authentic Impact (AI) which provides a one-off training experience delivered in an informal setting to a small group of like-minded professionals (maximum 6 professionals per session) by our experienced coaches to offer a career-changing training experience that yields fantastic results.

Would becoming a more confident speaker help you to elevate your career this year? Join us for a refreshing approach to developing rock steady speaking confidence.

Authentic Impact – Discover the real and remarkable speaker within you.

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To give you the best experience possible we have limited places to a maximum of 6.

Cost: £400.00, including post course support. You’ll also be treated to a light breakfast, hearty lunch and copious amounts of tea & coffee.

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