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Important Conversations at Work

Reduce conflict and create a solution focused culture within your team

Enable and encourage meaningful conversations at work

The ability to have important conversations is the cornerstone of a positive team environment - one where people feel valued and encouraged to deliver their best work.

Utilising a combination of Evolve's expertise within fear management and human behaviour, as well as first-hand experience across a variety of sectors, our Important Conversations programme provides a unique and engaging learning experience for teams.

Why choose Evolve?

As human beings, we often avoid important conversations because of fear - fear of the consequences, of conflict, of how the other person will react. This is where Evolve come in.

We're specialists in fear management and giving people the tools to approach pivotal moments in their careers with a calm, confident and collaborative (not you vs. me, but we) mindset.

We have experience in key areas such as health and safety, performance review feedback and taking teams through change.

What to expect from our Important Conversations programme

Our Important Conversations training experience focuses on the topic of difficult situations and how these affect our ability to have important conversations at work. Our personalised approach is tailored to the circumstances of individual teams and what matters most to you.

Some key areas covered include:

The brain science of conflict avoidance

By looking at how we humans avoid difficult situations, we can determine how to rewire our emotional responses.

Importance of fear awareness

Fear can so often drive our perception of and approach to engaging in dialogue. We'll show you how to recognise and overcome this fear.

Positive behaviour changes

Changing the way we view difficult situations at work is key to kickstarting changes in behaviour. We'll build a guide with your team, for your team.

Creating environments for important conversations

We explore the crucial role of trust, psychological safety and shared goals to create suitable environments.

"A refreshingly different approach to coaching and training."

Assistant Director (Highways, Traffic & Engineering), Hampshire County Council

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