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Creating a human centric culture that thrives on connection and courage

Experiences that boost engagement and facilitate change

Imagine a workplace where your people feel valued and are confident that they have the skills needed to succeed in their roles.

Wouldn't you want to work there?

Evolve are on a mission to help you create just that. We specialise in delivering engaging learning and development experiences, tailored specifically to your business' needs, that boost happiness and positivity amongst your team.

Ultimately, we want to create environments where people feel trusted and empowered - and where they have the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their goals.

Case Study: Ageas UK

Evolve were approached by the Head of Internal Communications at Ageas UK, who was looking for to support the HR Management team in taking their strengths as speakers to the next level.

Delivering our flagship public speaking course, Authentic Impact, we were able to help them overcome their fears of public speaking and find effective methods to let their authentic speaking styles shine.

Ageas’ team works remotely most of the time, so it was also a great opportunity for some valuable team building.

What to expect from our L&D experiences

Did you know that most L&D initiatives don’t work because 1. We’re learning at the wrong time, 2. We’re learning the wrong things, and 3. We quickly forget what we’ve learnt? We’ll ensure L&D is driven by your people for your people from the beginning.

We get to know your vision

We begin by understanding your company vision, where you would like to be in 12 months' time and how you would like the people within your organisation to feel when they are at work.

We get to know your people

By building a relationship with your people, we can get to the heart of what learning and development opportunities they are looking for, and gauge their alignment with the wider vision.

We create a plan, together

When it comes to developing your people, there may be things in place already, both formally and informally, that are working well. We use these 'gems' and combine them with new opportunities to engage and inspire

We'll measure the outcomes

Processes to review impact, such as pre and post activity surveys, links to personal objectives, steering group feedback and team tea and talks, will be put in place before activity begins.

Flexible delivery options to suit your team

✴ Bite sized live sessions (90 minutes)
✴ Day Courses
✴ Team Days
✴ Lunch & Learns
✴ Facilitated Tea & Talks
✴ E-learning and Webinars via Teams or WebEx
✴ Video content
✴ 121 Coaching
✴ Team shadowing programmes

Some of our flagship experiences that have helped our clients thrive


Human Centred Leadership

Our Human Centred Leadership training gets to the heart of the brain science behind human happiness and performance, helping you to understand yourself and the people you lead better than ever before.


Important Conversations

Important conversations are the cornerstone to a team environment where people feel valued. We’ll give you the tools to overcome a fear of conflict and start having more meaningful dialogue with your team.


Authentic Impact

Through our CPD accredited public speaking course, we’ll teach you our tried and tested method of stepping outside of your comfort zone so that you can start saying 'yes' to new speaking opportunities.


121 Coaching

Our coaching experts from the worlds of Performance Coaching, Senior Leadership and the British Military will support you to keep stepping outside of your comfort zone and create the things you want within your career.

A package that works for you

Per project basis

Looking for a leadership course, coaching for a member of your team or a unique team building day?

Great! Contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Mid (6 months) – long term (12 months)

Keen to invest in your most important asset, your people?

Talk to us to see how we can be on hand every month to deliver consultancy, training and coaching.

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