Meet Caroline

Caroline Clarke

Marketing Consultant

Where are you in this photo and why is it a moment that means a lot to you?

I chose this photo to represent me, because this was the happiest day of my life. Taken in my favourite place; Iceland - just before my lovely other half popped the question. We have fallen deeply in love with Iceland and have been lucky enough to travel around the entire country. There’s nothing quite like turning off your phone, loading up your 4x4 and hitting the snowy roads, diving into natural hot springs, walking for miles across black sand beaches covered in giant ice diamonds, or stopping to climb to the top of a huge waterfall. Sometimes, you have to switch off from the noise and find your happy place – it’s good for the soul. I feel very lucky to have found mine – just a shame it’s so far away.


What type of work as a human potentialist really makes you tick?

Marketing has always been a passion of mine, and after spending years in various different industries and organisations, I decided to take what I’d learnt and piece together the best bits. This year, along with a very good friend of mine, I started Harling-Clarke; an independent Marketing Consultancy dedicated to helping ambitious SME’s make their mark in the world. We’re very proud to work alongside The Evolve Company, because the drive and passion the organisation has for helping individuals succeed is second to none.


What makes you proud to be a part of Team Evolve?

The best thing about working for yourself is the freedom it gives you when choosing who you want to work with, and choosing projects you want to be a part of. For me, that’s companies, people and projects that are good for the world! I believe wholeheartedly in everything The Evolve Company stands for, and so I’m passionate about spreading the word and increasing its visibility in the market. I’m proud to play a small part in bringing their gift to those that need it.