Meet Helen

Helen Harling

Marketing Consultant

Where are you in this photo and why is it a moment that means a lot to you?

The summer of 2019 saw me tick off one more off my bucket list! It was a surprise birthday present to do a sky dive in Portugal, some would think that was the worst present ever – but for me it was totally perfect. it was honestly the most terrifying thing I have ever done but the adrenaline was unreal and anyone who is thinking about doing it – book it now, you won’t regret it. The reason I chose this photo as it definitely shows my ‘tomboy’ side, I love to take risks and push myself beyond my normal limits.


What type of work as a human potentialist really makes you tick?

After studying at university, I started my career in the world of marketing. There are so many specialisms within the marketing industry but what I started to see was that I was drawn more towards the digital space. This year, myself and business partner Caroline decided to set up Harling-Clarke – it has honestly been the best decision we have ever made and love working with such a variety of clients. Inspiring and sharing my knowledge to other organisations is my definite driver and I hope it motivates others.


What makes you proud to be a part of Team Evolve?

The ethos and enthusiasm that the Evolve Company shares is something that I deeply believe in and proud to be a part of. The ability to empower others through courses and coaching is invaluable – who wouldn’t want to be part of organisation that can help others to thrive?