Meet Kirsten

Kirsten Baynham - The Evolve Company

Leadership & Resilience (R Factor) Trainer

Where are you in this photo and why is it a moment that means a lot to you?

This photo was taken just before I got onto the plane embarking on my first sky-dive. One of my close friends has a son who has Cystic Fibrosis and I organised a charity event where 5 of us would set the challenge of raising £5K along with completing a lifetime ambition of a sky-dive. I chose this photo because I do love a challenge but everything I do needs to have meaning and purpose.  It wasn’t enough just to do the sky-dive, I wanted another benefit to be achieved as a result and I’m pleased to say we smashed our goal. Knowing that I’d been part of a team raising money to go towards a cause near to my heart made it a very worthwhile experience – would I do it again……definitely!


What type of work as a human potentialist really makes you tick?

I am a ‘Learning & Development Professional’ who has a passion for learning and enjoys seeing others grow to meet their potential.

I am particularly interested and have a passion for the cultural and mind-set shifts that are needed for a learner to take personal ownership for behavioural change. Exploring options and enabling others to work in a practical way to embed learning is important. Using an experiential learning model this enables individuals to build learning plans that are completely bespoke and meaningful.

Others recognise me as being pro-active, motivated and credible. As an experienced facilitator/coach my style is relaxed and engaging whilst maintaining a professional approach.

I consider myself to be a natural problem solver who can relate well to others and I aim to build strong relationships with whoever I work with.

More recently, I have been heavily involved in the design and delivery of learning solutions/resources for Apprenticeship Programmes and enjoy the challenge of making webinars as interactive and engaging to maximise learning.


What makes you proud to be a part of Team Evolve?

Being part of a team who want to help individuals and teams build on talents and strengths in an authentic way is refreshing. As soon as I met Donna I felt like our values and thinking were aligned and that is often hard to come by. Team Evolve also partner with organisations and build long-lasting learning in collaboration which enables the learning to stick.  Learning needs to be memorable and exciting and that what team evolve strives to deliver!