Meet Maria

Maria - Associate Photo

Authentic Impact Trainer & Psychotherapist

Where are you in this photo and why is it a moment that means a lot to you?

This photo bears witness to my believe that it is never too late to follow your dreams, to follow your passions.  As a child, I used to dream about learning how to play piano, but this was financially impossible for me. I am glad that I never gave up on myself, on my dream. As an adult, I am a slow learner and I am still practising the basics, but my love and my passion for this instrument and what music makes me feel is greater that any learning challenges. I am proud that I seek and give ‘my inner child’ opportunities to continue, learning, having fun and growing within.


What type of work as a human potentialist really makes you tick?

I have always enjoyed learning and experiencing the opportunity of growing my life experience through working on different professions.  My college teachers would not have put a bet on me becoming a language teacher, having only just passed my A levels by the skin of the teeth.  Having emigrated to England at the age of 17 unable to speak a word of English, my determination and love for the English language drove me to gain a first degree equivalent in English and eventually, to become a successful and competent language teacher who managed to open my own English/Spanish Academy in Spain.

Years later, I worked my way up and became a senior manager working in both, the private and public sectors, specialising within customer experience industry.  I had the opportunity to judge some of the national and international customer experience awards and learnt from some of the leading figures within the customer experience industry, such as Don Hales and Derek Williams.  Working globally with teams, individuals and customers with very different backgrounds, made me realise my passion and strength: working and connecting with people.  My job fed my curiosity on what gets in the way of us fulfilling our potential and how we can strengthen our self-support to become who we are meant to be.  This led me to complete a MSc in psychotherapy and combine both professions to support individuals. My work is centred around raising awareness and exploring with individuals how they can grow their ability to respond and make choices to support themselves in the challenges that life throws; thus holding positive and health relationships with themselves and others.


What makes you proud to be a part of Team Evolve?

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience being coached, as well as attended Evolve’s Authentic Impact, before I joined the team. I felt that Donna Hubbard’s ethos and principles and those of her team truly connected with areas close to my heart and which I had been exploring and developing professionally: how to build resilience towards the challenges life throws at us and how to become the best version of ourselves. I feel passionate about the core principles that make Evolve unique as a transformational and human centric training and coaching organisation.