Meet Richard

Rich Sivers

Organisation Development Consultant

Where are you in this photo and why is it a moment that means a lot to you?

Me and my bestie, Chris,  have done  “Top Gear” boys road trips around the Alps a few times.  Here’s a picture of me in the Swiss Alps, at the famous James Bond Strasse, Furka Pass, Switzerland. It’s a well-known spot / scene from the film “Goldfinger”. We’ve travelled 4 times around the Alps, in an open top sports car, pretty much across every high Alpine pass and windy road there is!  Truly my favourite place in earth.

What type of work as a human potentialist really makes you tick?

Workwise -  it’s all about talent and capability development either with teams or individuals. Graduate and high-potential development, leadership development, culture change, team effectiveness and executive coaching are typically the areas I find myself in and around.  I’ve worked pretty much everywhere from Chicago to Baku and from Moscow to Johannesburg and some interesting places in between! I’m passionate about experience-based learning and giving individuals opportunities to develop their skills and confidence to achieve more.

What makes you proud to be a part of Team Evolve?

It’s the people -  it’s always the people, that draw you to want to be part of something. Working with Donna and the team is a real joy and I love the energy that comes from being around others who inspire you to be more.