Meet the Team

Donna Hubbard - new



Donna is a human focused and highly experienced coach and trainer, and has been helping ambitious human beings to thrive in their careers for well over a decade. Specialising in getting clients ready for ‘key career situations’, such as public speaking, investor presentations and job interviews, Donna is passionate about fear management and the neuroscience of human performance.

Donna has worked across a variety of sectors including; Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace, Consumer Brands & Financial Services, and has appeared on Sky News and euronews.

Donna & Team Evolve are on a mission to show their clients that for them – anything is possible.

Kirsten Baynham - The Evolve Company


Leadership & Organisational Culture Trainer

Kirsten is a learning and development professional and Certified Emergenetics Practitioner with a passion for seeing others grow to meet their potential. She is particularly interested in the cultural and mid-set shifts that are needed for a learner to take personal ownership for behavioural change.

As an experienced facilitator/coach, her style is relaxed and engaging whilst maintaining a professional approach. She uses experimental learning models to help others build learning plans that are completely bespoke and meaningful.

Rich Sivers


Organisation Development Consultant

Richard is an experienced consultant focused on talent and capability development. He is a self-confessed globe trotter, having traveled and worked pretty much everywhere from Chicago to Baku and some interesting places in between – reinforcing his passion for experience-based learning.

Having worked across a variety of areas, including; graduate and high potential development, leadership development, culture change, team effectiveness and executive coaching, Richard has the expertise to help people develop their skills and confidence – and ultimately achieve more.



Leadership & Personal Development Coach

Pete is an accomplished senior leader, Chartered Engineer and Psychotherapist with a passion for developing individuals’ wellbeing and resilience.

Pete himself has achieved some impressive personal challenges, including climbing mountains across 4 continents, and running numerous marathons and ultra-marathons.

Being heavily involved in charity and community work for over a decade, Pete was honoured by The Queen in 2021.


Jase Balman

Industry Specialist, RAF Adventurous Training Instructor

Jase has spent the past 24 years facilitating and coaching service personnel within the Royal Air Force. Initially joining as a Physical Training Instructor, he specialised as an Adventurous Training Instructor - using the medium of AT to develop and enhance the leadership skills of individuals. This training exposes them to different high risks and challenges within the outdoor environment to prepare them for their future roles. His most recent role within the Defence SERE Training Organisation involved delivering survival training across the MOD.

Jase has worked in a number of different roles in the outdoors, with sports teams, individual athletes and senior management teams. He has also organised, managed and delivered high altitude expeditions all over the world.


He is passionate about delivering and passing on his service knowledge and experiences - his outlook is simple in work and all aspects of life; “train hard, work easy”.


Rob Hames

Industry Specialist, RAF Battlespace Manager and Fighter Controller, and Performance & Leadership Coach

Rob served in the RAF for 22 years as a Battlespace Manager and Fighter Controller. Along with numerous operational assignments in the UK and overseas within NATO, he spent time in the training environment as a Trainer, Coach and Mentor. He also had the privilege of being the Career Manager for over 500 personnel.

On operations during conflict, Rob prioritised, coached and mentored people to facilitate growth, maximise their potential, and, most importantly, ensure they enjoyed themselves; all during very high intensity activity. It was here that he realised that he was a coach and loved helping others develop and achieve their goals.

With significant experience of working in, and leading, teams across the globe, Rob is passionate about facilitating growth in others.


Angela Barnes

Industry Specialist, Journalist & Broadcaster

Angela started her career at Sky News, becoming a reporter on its flagship weekly technology show, Swipe, before expanding her career to become a regular face on international news channel Euronews – as both a presenter and correspondent, breaking news on the coronavirus pandemic, reporting on climate change from South America’s icefields in Patagonia, and is one of the team members that front its technology and science show Futuris from across Europe.

She is also a regular on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Channel 5 News, and has also recently hosted shows on Sky Sports, as well as reporting on East Tech West for CNBC.

Angela was also recently described in Ireland’s Better Business magazine as “one of Europe’s most prominent news figures”.


Lisa Worthington

Industry Specialist, Senior Marketer and GBR Age-Group Triathlete

With 25 years’ experience in the corporate world of marketing, Lisa is a seasoned public speaker. From pitching to brand boards to leading the marcomms for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad briefing 200+ people per week; Lisa has delivered a myriad of presentations.

She has pitched to some of the most challenging brands during her time in London Agencies from Coca-Cola to Film 4, Jack Daniels to Kellogg’s, presenting creative concepts and securing new business for the agencies she worked for.

Relocating to Dorset 15 years ago she has run her own business, worked in the tea industry and now works freelance to balance a busy training programme as a GBR Age group Sprint triathlete.