STRIVE... Mindset coaching for ambitious humans

We see the fire in your eyes. That need to grasp the call to adventure that is your next sporting challenge. We recognise it because we've been there and seen it in ourselves.

It means we also understand the fear and self-doubt that may be troubling you. And that’s why we’ve combined our expertise and personal experiences of pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to create STRIVE.

STRIVE has been designed to keep your mindset on track, helping you to stay motivated and bounce back from any challenges you may face as you work towards your goal.

You just have to want it more than you fear it.

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STRIVE - Inspire Me


Start as you mean to go on; feeling motivated and beginning to build the self-belief you need to reach your goal. You can do this.

Mindset tools you’ll gain:

Committing to Your Goals
Turning Negative Thoughts into Fuel
Building a Superhuman Mindset
Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone


STRIVE - Invigorate Me


Keep up momentum Striver, and learn how to face any challenges with resolve. Nothing can stop you now.

Gain all of the mindset tools from Inspire Me, plus;

Bouncing Back from Setbacks
Building Self Reliance in Training and on Race Day
The Psychological Benefits of Celebrating Small Wins
Your Life, Your Race


STRIVE - Immerse Me


Be all in with access to STRIVE’s entire suite of mindset tools. Learn how to manage the fear and stay on course.

Gain all tools from Inspire Me & Invigorate Me, plus;

Reconnecting with Your ‘Why’
Pressing the Reset Button When the Going Gets Tough
Managing Pre-Event Nerves
Creating a ‘I Can’ Start Line Routine

Is STRIVE for me?

If you’re a seasoned runner, STRIVE will help you to reach those extra levels of your potential and remind you of what’s really important when you need it most.

If taking on a sporting challenge is new to you, firstly, welcome to an amazing club of Weekend Warriors, we have your back. STRIVE will help you to learn valuable things about yourself that will benefit you not just in relation to your event, but in all areas of your life.

Strivers everywhere, courageously pushing yourselves physically and mentally, whilst juggling busy lives and careers, STRIVE was built for you.

Together we strive.

Learn from the experts in fear management

The coaching team here at Evolve have extensive experience of being in people's corner as they aim to complete the challenges and adventures that matter to them. Our team come from a range of different backgrounds, working in the worlds of...


The Military

Our expert speakers from the British Military have had to learn how to conquer their fears and step outside of their comfort zone – often in unimaginable situations. Be inspired by their experiences and learn from their strategies for reducing fear and increasing focus and performance, helping you to show up as your best self in high-pressured situations.

Areas of expertise: Fear & Self-Management / Stepping into the Unknown / Performance Under Pressure



In the Sports industry, our experts have spent many years training both body and mind, focusing on the ability to 'bring it all together' during high stakes, high pressure situations. Their invaluable advice as part of our programme will help to bring your full potential to the surface when it matters most.

Areas of expertise: Successful Preparation / Maintaining High Motivation / Bouncing Back from Setbacks


Performance Coaching

Our Evolve Coaches have well over 50 years of combined experience in helping people to build the lives and careers they want. Whether it’s progressing your career, setting exciting personal goals or wanting to learn more about how you tick, our unique human focused coaching approach backed by brain science will help you to thrive

Areas of expertise: Fear Management / Brain Science of Performance / Building a Solution-Focused Mindset

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