The Happiness Mindset #3
Surround Yourself with Awesome

The concept

As you read this, look up for a moment and glance around the space you are in – what’s surrounding you? What can you see? What can you hear? How does it feel to be in this space? Good and inspiring we hope, if it doesn’t then it may be time for some changes.

Our surroundings include anything and everything within our environment that we experience from the moment we wake up. All of which acts as a stimulus, conjuring certain associations, emotions and behaviour.

What is the first thing you look at when you awaken to another day on our beautiful planet earth? A pile of paperwork? Your phone full of emails you don’t yet have the answers to? It doesn’t take a genius to tell us that these types of stimuli would start your day off with an uphill struggle.

Let’s face it – we all need to find more ‘zen’, right?

The Happiness Mindset #3 - Surround Yourself with Awesome - Coaching in Hampshire

What if you were to swap the paperwork with a positive affirmation written big and proud on your wall? What if instead of picking up your phone, you pick up an inspiring book whose words gives you belief in yourself and your ability to create the things you want for your life?

We Thrive Outdoors

Being in the great outdoors does something to our soul, and it’s not just down to the fresh air. Many scientists believe our innate connection with the outdoors lies on a much deeper, primal level, with it quite literally taking us back to our evolutionary roots.

Florence Williams, Author of ‘The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative’ says;…..

‘Our sensory system evolved in the natural world and when we’re in those spaces, our brains become relaxed because these are things that we were designed to look at, hear and to smell.’

Source: National Geographic

People Matter
We have an inbuilt desire to seek out relationships that make us feel good – to find our tribe. You only have to look at the micro communities that are gyms, sports clubs, and mass participation events to see how we are drawn towards others who we feel ‘get us’.

Therefore, the people we spend time with – whether in real time or virtually right now – are a key component within our surroundings, and can significantly impact our outlook and overall happiness levels. 

‘When you choose people who inspire and challenge you to be better, you’ll increase your chances of reaching your goals.’

Source: Morin, Author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

The Way Forward

Decide from today how you can enhance your surroundings to help you to feel ‘your kinda awesome’ from the moment you wake up. Sometimes all it takes is a creative reordering of the furniture to boost your mood.

No more dragging yourself out of bed

The Happiness Mindset #3 - Surround Yourself with Awesome - Coaching in Hampshire

To help get you started, here’s some ideas we prepared earlier…

5 Ways to Surround yourself with Awesome

  1. Surround Yourself with Awesome – Enhance your space with things that make you feel good. Create a vision and/or achievements board to remind you of all that great stuff you’re made of. Place your favourite motivational quotes on the wall, everywhere, yes even in on the hoover… And why not add a few extra plants here and there to stir your evolutionary senses – this stuff works!
  1. Let Music Inspire You – Another important element in your surroundings that impacts your mood is music. Listening to music that lifts you is one of the quickest ways to supercharge your mindset. Create a play list of all the songs you love and play it loud! Also, swap the cortisol spiking, 1970’s sitcom style alarm on your phone, for your ultimate ‘Wake Up Song’. Why do you think Boxers spend a lot of time choosing the perfect walk on song?
  1. Choose What Makes You Happy – Echoing last week’s The Happiness Mindset, make good choices everyday as to the activities you invest your head & heart space within. Choose to give yourself the gift of a run, walk or new podcast and your surroundings are instantly transformed.
  1. Connect & Reconnect – Nurture the existing relationships that matter to you and your inner & outer world gets brighter. Whether this is having a cup of tea and being fully present with family, or calling a certain somebody you’d like to reconnect with, every great conversation with a human being enriches your life.
  1. Welcome in the New – Take this opportunity to invite new people & experiences into your world. When we meet new people, our horizons broaden. As so many sports and social clubs have moved gatherings online, now is a great time to open your mind to finding new tribes.
    Speaking of which, know that you are a treasured member of the Evolve Tribe. We will always be here, in your corner, cheering you on as you strive courageously to live the fullest and best life you deserve.

For you – anything is possible.

Team Evolve

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