The Happiness Mindset #6
Find Your Tribe

The Concept

We human beings always have been, and always will be, stronger together. Since the dawn of time, our desire to be / work / thrive together has built communities and driven human evolution. 

Today, this fundamental human need to seek out and connect with others who ‘get’ us is evident across all areas of our lives. Look around you and you’ll see this is the driving force behind the many micro communities that have formed in shape of gyms, book clubs, park runs, music festivals, and even down your ‘local’. 

The people we surround ourselves with in life undoubtedly has a huge impact upon our happiness, health and ability to thrive. Scan any social media platform and you’ll soon stumble across the evocative phrase ‘Find your tribe’, evidence that we all recognise that the journey to becoming our best selves is not a solo one.

There are many definitions when it comes to your ‘tribe’, but here’s ours.

“The people in your life who elevate you to be your best self and support you in all your endeavours, and likewise. They have your back, and you have theirs.”

The Evolve Tribe

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Got you thinking about your tribe, haven’t we?

You’ll know it when you find them. They are the people you can 100% be yourself around, that lift you up and make you feel unstoppable, that always see the good / potential / fire in you, and remind you of this when you’ve forgotten it. When you walk away from them, you walk just that bit taller every time. You know, those people?

Togetherness = Happiness

Surrounding ourselves with the right people unlocks something special within us by positively impacting: 

1. The Way that we Think 
Our tribe positively evolve our beliefs about the world and our beliefs about ourselves. They send us conscious and subconscious signals that anything is possible for us, supporting us to fulfil our greatest potential. 

2. The Way that we Behave
Our tribe show us – often through their own endeavours – what is possible for us to create for our lives. They bring their best selves to the world and inspire us to do the same.

Did you spot the gorgeous and important element of reciprocity in our definition of Tribe? It’s not all about what you gain from others, in fact it’s far better to focus on what you can give to lift others to be their best selves.

Hang tight, it won’t be long until we can hug the people we care about again…

A study cited in Psychology Today found that there are 5 key ingredients for long and rewarding relationships with others, and all need to be experienced by both sides.

  1. Enjoying that person’s company
  2. Commitment, in good times and bad
  3. Voluntary effort from both parties
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Reciprocity, or the mutual flow of give and take.

“Friends encourage good habits, chase away depression, help you overcome diseases and cause satisfaction, pleasure and happiness.”

Source: Huffington Post

The Way Forward

Start nurturing the relationships that matter the most to you by:

1. Treasuring them
Take a few minutes to visualise the people in your life that lift you up. When was the last time you let them know that? Frightening isn’t it, how easy it is to take the most important people in our lives for granted? Take reading this today as a prompt to say thank you to the human beings that make your world go round, and then make a pact with yourself to never stop.

2. Finding them
In this adventure we call life, there’s always room to invite new people into your world. Who are the kind of people you wish you knew? Where do they hang out? Say yes to new experiences and you open yourself up to finding people who could quite literally transform your life.

3. Being there for them
Reciprocity creates a sense of ‘I’ve got your back, and you’ve got mine’ and this is the magic that brings the relationships we have with those in ‘our tribe’ alive. Do all that you can for the people that do all they can for you. Be the kind of person you would want to have in your life. 

Sometimes people will stay in your life only for a short while, and that’s OK. Your tribe however, they are the ones you want to hold on to for a lifetime.

And naturally it goes without saying, that Team Evolve will always be in your corner, cheering you on to achieve the things that make you happy.

The Evolve Company - Coaching in Hampshire

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