The Happiness Mindset #7
Be An Adventurer

Today we bring you the final blog in The Happiness Mindset series. 

We hope this and the previous 6 helpings of happiness hacks, have put a smile on your gorgeous face and helped you to believe in yourself just that bit more.


YOU can create the right stories
YOU can make better choices
YOU can enhance your inner world
YOU can be your own hero
YOU can find your tribe, and
YOU can be an adventurer.

YOU are amazing, and once you realise that – anything is possible.

The Concept

Life is one big adventure. In order to get every ounce out of ‘the ride’, we must find a way to push through the fears that stand between us and what we want for our lives.

The most common roadblocks are self-created limitations we place upon ourselves, often driven by fears linked to a need for safety and survival.

  • A fear of failing
  • A fear of looking silly
  • A fear of not being good enough

You’ll notice that the safety our brains are programmed to seek isn’t just physical, but on a social level too. This goes back to our evolutionary roots when our ancestors were safer if accepted by, and so lived as, part of the group. If they did something that outcast them, they found themselves alone in the wilderness and far more vulnerable to passing hungry beasts!

Many human behaviour experts believe this need to be accepted is what causes the vulnerability and self-consciousness we experience when venturing into the ‘new’.

‘What if I fail?’
‘What if I make a fool out of myself?’

We think it’s time to remember the words of one very wise little character:

Paradoxically, we’ve evolved to be far more self-reliant and are able to build supportive relationships with people who are in our corner, cheering the loudest as we strive. And so, with a bit of courage, it’s possible to let go of this need for ‘mass group’ endorsement and focus purely on making ourselves, and those people that matter, proud.

“Everything you want is the other side of fear.”

George Addair 

Letting go of perfection (whatever that is?!)
Another roadblock driven by fear is the need to be perfect. We expect ourselves to be absolutely awesome at something from the get-go! Read that sentence again… Can you see how impossible (and a little bit hilarious?) this statement looks when written down? We agree.

Time for the wise words of another fictional character?

In our speaking course Authentic Impact (AIm) we see many people gripped with fear because they’ve heard so many unwritten rules around what it means to be a ‘good public speaker’. By trying to tick every one of these boxes they find themselves self-editing to the point of distraction, blocking their natural ability and authentic flare -something we human beings, as natural born communicators, all possess by the way!

This can be mirrored in any situation where you’re doing something for the first time and don’t give yourself permission to be a learner, a.k.a – a bold acquirer of knowledge. Such as trying a new hobby or starting a new job.

In AIm, we empower people to approach taking the floor – whether their audience is 2 people or 200 – with curiosity and excitement about the experience itself. This mindset unlocks something AWESOME in them and allows them to move forward, to finally do the thing they’ve always wanted to but didn’t think they could, to discover talents they never knew they had.

And this feeling is what we want for you. So how do they accomplish this? By becoming an Adventurer…

The Way Forward – Adventurer’s Mindset

If everything we want is the other side of fear, the secret to getting what we want is becoming comfortable being uncomfortable. To no longer strive for perfection (because it doesn’t exist) and replace this for a desire for the experience itself – to learn, to do, to live your life to the full.

Picture an Adventurer at the beginning of their next expedition. As they step into the unknown, there’s things they know about the journey ahead, but there’s a lot they don’t know, a lot of unanswered questions.

But they don’t allow this to stop them from forging ahead, as it’s the learnings they’re hungry for.

Start striving for more of the things you want for your life with a fearless Adventurer’s Mindset by being:

Curious – You’re about to do something you’ve never done before, how cool! Move forward with curiosity and a desire to gain knowledge. Get excited about all the things you’re about to learn. Even if you only do this once, you will have evolved.

Courageous – An Adventurer’s courage comes from a belief that whatever happens they will handle it. Cue the chicken & egg scenario of self-confidence and self-belief – the more you do, the more you back yourself. Start with small challenges and see how your ‘I Can’ factor increases.  

Open-minded – Adventurer’s don’t rest their happiness or sense of achievement on fixed outcomes. Take a leaf out of their book and move ahead with your mind and heart open, enjoying the ride as you go. 

In AIm, we celebrate the Adventurer’s Mindset but instilling that the glory is not in the outcome, but in you saying yes to the endeavour itself.

Replace ‘take the floor’ with whatever that thing is that you’ve been wanting to do:

“The moment you (take the floor), IS the moment you triumph.”

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