Why tackling the fear of public speaking has the power to change your life

If we said we could show you how to change your life in just 5 minutes, would you believe us?

It’s been reported that around 75% of people fear public speaking, and we get it. From an early age, we learn public speaking is an extreme sport to be avoided at all costs. Taking the floor usually opened us up to a whole world of emotional and mental pain, i.e. awkward silences and sniggering from our classmates in the corner.

But what we’re not told is how life-affirming this highly valued and secretly sought-after skill is – how it gives us far better returns than a lot of other ways and tools of building personal and professional confidence. We know as we’ve seen it so many times before, that once you experience yourself standing tall at the front of a room, with other humans listening to your ideas, that the way you view yourself and what you’re capable of doing, being and achieving will change forever. From this moment, your self-perception can’t go backwards, only onwards and upwards.

The how & why

When our courageous AIm Adventurers (find out more about the course here) take the floor at the end of their experience, they share a 5-minute message with us on a topic they care about. When this happens, they are doing much more than building their speaking prowess, they’re building the next chapter of their lives. You see, once you face your public speaking fears, you’ll become unstoppable.

Tackling your fear of public speaking will change your life in many ways. Here are just 3 of our favourites:

Builds self-resiliance

The absolute cornerstone of self-confidence is self-reliance. When you speak in public you have no choice but to work with yourself, to back yourself. ‘I trust me to look after me and do my best in this high stakes speaking situation, therefore I can trust myself in others’.

Gives you agency

Public speaking gives you an opportunity to make an impact, to stand out from the crowd, to be heard – ultimately, to have agency over your life and career. This fulfils our intrinsic human need of self-actualisation, helping you to take the reins over other areas of your life.

Helps you get to know the fear

At Evolve, we believe fear management is one of the most important life skills, so developing this has become the kingpin of our public speaking approach. We all experience fear; it’s an ancient, instinctive response that has evolved to allow us to align our internal thoughts and actions with the realities of the world around us. It helps us to respond to the external environment to support our survival – and that can only be a good thing. It’s why we like to see fear as more friend than foe.

Developing your public speaking confidence entails facing this fear – you have to get comfortable with feeling uncomfortable – and in our experience, you may just make it your friend. Now imagine what you could do with that superpower in other areas of your life!

The time for change is now…

Sometimes life asks us to take a leap of faith, to do the impossible before we have all the answers or feel 100% prepared. One thing is for certain, everyone we’ve ever met and had the pleasure of working with has never regretted facing their fear of public speaking. In fact, it was the turning point in their life they didn’t know they were looking for.

And so, the adventure of conquering the fear of public speaking and changing your life is calling you too…

Join us when we bring our flagship public speaking course, Authentic Impact, to you this June.

We understand humans and how to get the best out of you. If you’re not sure how to tackle your fear of public speaking, trust us to get you there. Our refreshing approach has helped hundreds of people to nail that career defining presentation or winning pitch to the board, and even that best man speech!

Join our Founder Donna and RAF Adventurous Training Instructor Jase to take up your call to adventure.

Wednesday 28th & Thursday 29th June 2023
8:45am – 4pm
Chilworth Manor Hotel, Southampton

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