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Personal & Corporate Training

Experiences with a Difference

We'll show you how to evolve into a stronger, wiser version of yourself

Our personal and corporate training experiences are here to show you what you're truly capable of. When you begin your adventure with us, you will see and hear things that will change the way you view 'the fear' and how you manage it forever.

Consider it your new superpower.

Rather than seeing the butterflies in your stomach when you step outside of your comfort zone as a sign to stop or that you're not good enough to proceed, we'll show you how to see them for what they truly are: a sign that you're breaking the boundaries of your own limitations.

As you take the first steps towards becoming the individual you want to be, we will be here, cheering you on all the way.

Develop your strengths in the great outdoors

As well as the creature comforts of a decent coffee and a warm training room when needed, our personal and corporate training experiences offer you the opportunity to develop your natural strengths in a beautiful outdoor space.

Research by the prestigious Max Planck Institute for Human Development found that spending time outdoors has a huge positive effect on both your brain and wellbeing. Scans conducted during their studies revealed that spending time in nature resulted in an uptick in activity in the right dorsolateral-prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that is involved with planning, action taking and overall cognitive control.

Learn from the experts

The team here at Evolve have over 40 years' experience in coaching and being in people's corner as they strive for the goals that matter to them. We are also fortunate to be supported by our industry specialists, who are on hand to share their insights and strategies on mastering fear and stepping out of your comfort zone.

They have extensive experience in the worlds of...


The Military

Our expert speakers from the British Military have had to learn how to conquer their fears and step outside of their comfort zone – often in unimaginable situations. Be inspired by their experiences and learn from their strategies for reducing fear and increasing focus and performance, helping you to show up as your best self in high-pressured situations.

Areas of expertise: Fear & Self-Management / Stepping into the Unknown / Performance Under Pressure



Our Broadcasting experts will share with you their industry’s best kept secrets for managing pre ‘go live’ nerves, being ‘agile’ and thinking on your feet when mistakes happen, as well as building an impactful message that captures your audience.

Areas of expertise: Building Your Message / Engaging Your Audience / Handling Tricky Questions



In the Sports industry, our experts have spent years training not only their bodies, but their minds too, with the ability to ‘bring it all together’ in that one important, career-defining moment. Be motivated by their personal experiences and apply their invaluable advice on how to bring your full potential to the surface when it matters most.

Areas of expertise: Successful ‘Event’ Preparation / Maintaining High Motivation / Bouncing Back from Setbacks

Authentic Impact

Public Speaking Course

Public speaking is frightening for most people, yet it needn’t be. Our CPD accredited Authentic Impact course is helping people to overcome ‘the fear’ and become the speaker they want to be.

Personal Coaching

Tailored to your needs

We specialise in supporting ambitious individuals as they strive to achieve the goals that matter to them. Whether you’re looking for leadership or mindset coaching, or support with changing careers, we’re here to help.

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