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Personal Coaching

Build the life you want to live

Every human being is unique, and so are our personal coaching programmes

Our team has decades of experience in coaching people to achieve the personal and professional goals that matter to them – and we get the challenges. Fear, self-doubt, lack of resources to name but a few become reasons why for even of the most ambitious of us, it’s easier for our goals to remain daydreams. But we know, that you know, that there’s more waiting for you out there.

That's why we've built all of our coaching experiences around 3 fundamentals that we know to be game-changers when it comes to building the life you want to live. These are:

1. Fear Management

2. The Brain Science of Performance

3. Building a Solution-Focused Mindset

You can determine the areas of your life you would like us to focus these fundamentals upon to create tangible positive change.

Why an Evolve Coach?

Our expert coaching team have been supporting ambitious individuals for many years, helping to create more of the things they want in their life.

But what really sets us apart is our human centered approach to developing people. We believe in pinpointing your strengths, to celebrate what you're already doing well and finding ways to amplify this.

We don't believe in 'weaknesses' at Evolve - we all have areas we're developing and that's good. Life is meant to challenge us to keep growing, it's called evolution.

Personal coaching that is tailored to your needs

We specialise in helping people to achieve positive change within these key areas:


Public speaking

Discover your natural strengths as a speaker so that you can start saying 'yes' to new opportunities.



Learn about yourself as a leader, build upon your strengths and invest time in your goals.


Career change

We'll help you uncover what it is you want out of your career, then create a plan to make that change happen.


Personal goals

Achieve what you've been dreaming of, whether it's starting a business or completing a sporting event.

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

Don’t worry, our expertise is far reaching. Reach out and speak to us about what you’re looking to achieve.

Coaching in the great outdoors

Research has shown that we can think, visualise and create ideas better when we're in the great outdoors.

It has been proven that learning and working outdoors has a positive effect on our motivation and (Becker et al., 2017). The open air also allows for greater connection and boosts collaboration (Dettweiler et al., 2017).

During your personal coaching programme, we'll encourage you to spend time outside when working towards your goals. Where possible and depending on location, we will also explore building in time to develop your plans together on 'Walk & Talk' coaching sessions.

What to expect from our personal coaching

At Evolve, we're experts in designing personal coaching environments that bring out the best in human beings. Everything we do is designed to bring your stress levels down and excitement levels up!

A personal goal-setting call

Take a 30-minute coaching call with our team to explore your goals and how Evolve can help.

A one-of-a-kind programme

We don't believe in 'off the shelf' at Evolve. You're a unique human being, and your coaching programme should be too.

Learn how to master yourself

Learn about human motivation and brain science theory to help you start mastering your goals.

Small but significant wins

No more waiting, we will help you to take meaningful steps towards your goals straight away.

Which coaching package is right for you?

4 x 1-hour Sessions

Identify what goal matters to you and start moving past obstacles.

You can expect to:

- Gain clarity on what you really want
- Map out the path to get there
- Start taking action from the get go

6 x 1-hour Sessions

Excel in confidence and start enjoying tangible outcomes.

You can expect to:

- Experience positive change
- Grow in confidence
- Be hungry to push yourself further

8 x 1-hour Sessions

Be well on your way to creating the life you deserve.

You can expect to:

- Feel more empowered
- Enjoy new experiences
- Be ready to choose new adventures

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